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Then we were all taken to Lancaster city centre, where we were frog marched in chains up to the Lancaster jail. We were all kept in the jail until we got a promise of bail of at least two thousand pounds.

We raised over twenty thousand pounds on that one event - that went down really well! They had to build towers of pennies and ten pence pieces. The pub that won it had over two and half thousand pounds on the bar; it was beginning to bend in the middle with the weight of the coppers and silver. Just imagine two and half thousand pounds on a tower - it reached from the bar top to the ceiling.

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Then Brian London, the British heavyweight boxer came and knocked that tower over. Both before and after being registered blind, I felt I was giving something back to life. I wish I had made that change for myself, I wish I had seen not just the harm that these images had done to the very real people in them, or the very real harm they were doing to me personally, but also the harm to my relationships with family and friends.

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If you think you were feeling low before, wait till you have to tell your family or friends, who may have young children. Imagine telling your wife or your own children what you have done, wait till you try and find a job, wait till almost everything you do and hold dear and value disappears. Talking about waiting, wait till you spend days, weeks and months awaiting court, the possibility of being sent to prison, waiting to appear in the press, the nights you lie awake thinking of the victims, contemplating suicide.

These are the real consequences for you. You can maybe, at times, put the fate of the victims out of your mind but, just like the victims of child abuse, you can never escape the consequences. The best bit of advice I could ever give to anyone who is looking at victims of child abuse, reading stories about it, or even if you are starting to use pornography in an unhealthy way, talk to someone, be it your doctor or Stop It Now.

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Yes, it's hard to reach out when it's something society is so horrified by and you will go through some tough dark weeks and months, possibly even years, trying to destroy your demons. But the alternative is a whole lot darker and tougher. Hunk's Story Voltron Legendary Defender. Allura's Story Voltron Legendary Defender.

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