Manual Encounter with a Slug Girl (Anthro Furry Erotica)

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I just wish people would read it. KimMadcox - 2 months ago. Hey you, reader of the comment-section! Buy that book! It is great! Miss Smalls has just eaten her latest prey and decides why not document the entire thing on social media for all of her victim's friends and family to enjoy.

Sounds fun! My fourth Miss Smalls Story. Fischie - 13 days ago. Miss Smalls has a date with Terra from The Dank Wildcats in this crossover guest appearance, and learns a little about what it's like to have to think like the prey for a change. The third Miss Smalls story. Terra is a guest appearance character from my book, The Dank Wildcats Vol. Well I'm in a lesbian relationship myself, so I kind of enjoy writing about lesbians and lesbian sex, but I can still write about and have written about on numerous occasions heterosexual sex.

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So I'm sure it will happen again. This story was a crossover with one of the characters from The Dank Wildcats. So I was writing it in a similar fashion. It wasn't really intended to be about the vore itself. There is still vore, but the focus was on the implications of vore in a civilized society populated entirely by anthropomorphic animals. Seeing as my Miss Smalls stories are set in the same universe as my Dank Wildcats books, I figured the topic should be addressed at some point.

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The rest of the stories I'll write for this character will probably go back to putting more focus on the act itself, but from a narrative standpoint this was just something I needed to do at least once. As for the sex, I honestly didn't see how it would contribute anything to this story in particular.

I have no problem writing sex scenes when it does contribute to the story, but for this one at least, I thought it would have just felt like a tacked on extra scene that didn't add anything to the narrative. Sorry if this one wasn't your favorite, but I assure you there will be more vore and sex in future installments. It just seams that in this story and the last you "fade to back" whenever vore or sex is about to happen.

Answer 1 Well have you ever seen a group of predators eat a single kill? Like a group of lions or hyenas chowing down on a single zebra? They don't worry about "cutting it in half". They just sort of all dig in until there's nothing left.

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I'd hate to see the mess they left for whatever poor employee walks into the office next Answer 2 Why? Do you want lesbian sex? While working at the library on a rather slow night, Miss Smalls encounters a patron who has given the staff a bit of a hard time and realizes this is the perfect opportunity to finally do something about it.

My second Miss Smalls story. No, I'm sure I'll do more.

Manual Encounter with a Slug Girl (Anthro Furry Erotica)

These don't take long to write. But I really need to focus on my published stuff. I've got three projects that need to be finished up so my editor has something to work on when she finishes with the book she's got right now. And there's the whole process of getting the books that are already in publication formatted for the move to Smashwords So don't expect the trend of one story a night to be the norm.

But I'm sure I'll write more. I like this character. I enjoyed the first Miss Smalls story and am glad to see more! TheDarkTraveler - 3 months ago. Miss Smalls is a fennec fox and a single mother.

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Things have been pretty good so far but they are about to be turned around when her son introduces her to his new girlfriend. A girl she certainly doesn't approve of First story for my Miss Smalls character. I'm looking to do more with her provided people don't just hate it. Story contains incestual vore. ChaoskampfNunc - 3 months ago. Miss Smalls is a character idea I have been kicking around for a while but I've been unsure how she would be received. So I'm glad you like her attitude towards things. That's a relief. Although I will admit the original idea for this story was quite different.

It just kind of took on a life of its own as I was writing it and became this instead. That could be for the best. Miss Nolly is finding that being a community college professor isn't as easy as it was back at the big universities. And it's only made worse when shi has a mishap in one of hir classes that leaves hir students a little more curious about hir body.

encounter with a slug girl anthro furry erotica Manual

All part of the joys of being a genetically engineered shark person A "Between book" short to tide over my Miss Nolly fans until I get the sequel to the first book published. Bernard Doove? He invented chakats and wrote quite a lot of stories in the 'Chakat Universe'. Several of which were published into paperbacks. He didn't deal in vore so I guess I can understand the name not ringing a bell around this site, but he was pretty influential in the furry erotic sci-fi genre back in the 90s and early s. A lot my own work has certainly been influenced by reading his books back when I was a teenager.

Cgalaxytachyon - 2 months ago. Bernard Doove certainly did, in pretty much everything he ever wrote. Have I actually gotten so old that Bernard Doove is considered old-school now? Well either way, if it bothers you that much, I only use those pronouns in books and stories written in that specific setting. Other settings I write in containing hermaphroditic characters, such as Yiffpunk for example, don't make use of those specific pronouns.

That's not a misspelling. Those are the pronouns for hermaphrodites. At least in the world this takes place in Nolly and Adel are both hermaphrodites. Nolly, from my book, Ms. But if you want to see more of her I guess you could always go read her book CookiesTheBear - 3 months ago. Everyone wave goodbye! And be thankful this wasn't a canon appearance Fischie - 3 months ago. Isn't technology wonderful?