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You could not be signed in. Sign In Forgot password? If this information is coherent with the own, thus the frequencies agree good and are the waves in phase, then it comes to a resonance. The energy of the aura increases by admission of this radiation. But if the information is disharmonic to our own, then the interference of the waves leads to a mutual extinction.

Everyone noticed sometimes during his life that there are people being "on the same wavelength" with him, as if they would understand each other without words. But with others he may argue with words as much as he wants, no communication takes place. Sometimes we feel internally strengthened and enriched during a meeting with another people, another time weakened and leached out.

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Not only that disharmonic contacts lead to losses of energy in the aura so-called blockades - the information will be taken up by our hereditary substance, the DNA, together with the light energy and then will be processed in the cells, although it disturbs our own frequencies and this way is detrimental to our health.

Usually people carry loads from their whole life and in extreme cases even from earlier lives in their aura field. Of course for more sensitive people this is true too, and due to their higher susceptibility the effects become conscious even more quickly, and additionally they are also more vulnerable due to their larger openness in the aura range. Not only contact with other people leads to such an interaction, but also contact with the earth itself, whose magnetic field and resonance frequencies are also subject to large local fluctuations.

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Thereby the phenomenon of geomanty might be explainable, why people classify some places as "places of the power" and other places rather as "negative" 6. Nowadays the contact with technical energy fields has to be added as third aspect, which of course may be particularly harmful. Here especially telecommunication is concerned, since for the wireless transmission of cell phone discussions frequencies are used, which lie directly in the range of the resonance frequency of the DNA.

Thus we may store contents of of any telephone call in our cells without even noticing it, and process its information, only because we passed through a "salad of waves". Consciousness in the population for "electrical smog" is surely already quite pronounced today.

Therefore it must be pointed out that both communication with the natural radiant emittances of the earth or other people may contribute to the CFIDS problem with same strength. Since CFIDS is a symptom complex, concerning particularly frequently people who classify themselves as "spiritual", it is hardly amazing to regain a whole number of these symptoms also in today's esoteric literature. There, however, you will not read about the chronical fatigue syndrome, but about "symptoms of the global transformation process", which the earth and humans living on earth have to go through, in order to develop a so-called "light body".

In unawareness of the physical and physical fundamentals in such writings is stated very often that these symptoms are expression of the "work on our light body", which is accomplished by higher spiritual or "extraterrestial" beings and of course is "only for our own good". Challenge for science, prototype for mind control ".

For good of their own development they would have to arrange themselves with their symptoms. Explicitly people are advised not to consult a physician or a natural healer. It remains open, who takes profit from such publication and who possibly launched it to the public. Fact is that thereby the clearing-up of the true background of CFIDS is inhibited just between the concerned people. The geophysical changes, which take place at present on earth, may cause the same symptoms, and it is rather probable that on end of the adjustment process to the changed environmental conditions mankind could develop higher sensitivity and spirituality and additionally will again feel good.

Technology only accelerates a development, which would exist anyway. The fact that our terrestrial conditions change and we all gradually have to adapt to them, may contain as consequence that there probably never will be a classical "cure" against CFIDS. But it also does not mean that it would not be permitted to us to try anything to reduce pain during this transition period.

From to , the book was known as "Guinness Lexicon Der Superlative". In , the current title, "Guinness Buch Der Rekorde", was used for the first time. Publisher Editors Press Service, Inc. The book was published annually from Schibsteds Forlag, Postboks , Oslo 1.

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Copyright Guinness Superlatives Ltd. Price New Yen Volume 1 Red dust-jacket below, left over a cream cover, with a green paper wrap. Price Yen Volume 2 Green dust-jacket below, right over a cream cover, with a red paper wrap. Price Yen. Notes : The cover is largely the same as the UK 15th Edition , except that the front and back of the dust-jacket say, "with Southern African records compiled by Eric Rosenthal".

Our copy has the inscription, " F. The Southern African Records section is 34 pages long. All pages are blue tinted paper - the second page has "Late Additions and Amendments" " Owing to the miscarriage of a set of printer's proofs " , and the following 32 pages contain the Southern African records. Ours is a First edition, first impression from , and is signed by the author. Updates to 9 categories in "Nagekomen" on page The cover is largely the same as the UK 19th Edition , except that the front cover has "Australian Edition" instead of "Superlatives Unlimited".

Many copies also had a sticker which says "First Ever Australian Edition". The inside back cover pages of the standard edition "Current Olympic Records after the XXth Games in Munich, " turn into additional pages not numbered after page The Australian Records section is 25 pages long - the first has a standard white background and the remainder have a pale yellow background.

The Foreword for the Australian Records section says, " This is the first edition of the Guinness Book of Records to include a collection of exclusively Australian records. A growing interest and correspondence with Australians concerning superlatives has encouraged us to pioneer this work ". It is a translation of the 13th U. Bantam Edition , but it is not clear if this publication was approved by Guinness in the U.

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The cover is largely the same as the UK 23rd Edition , except that the front cover has "Canadian Edition" instead of "Superlative Recorder", and the camera lens has a maple leaf in place of the world. The book is slightly shorter than the UK edition, and the year banner and cup ribbons on the front cover are modified accordingly. The Canadian Records section is 32 pages long pages to The Foreword for the Canadian Records section says, " This is a pioneer edition with a section devoted to purely Canadian records. The compilers are conscious that any first offering must inevitably have gaps and they are confident that this collection can be improved with each succeeding edition ".

Publisher Prosvetja, Zagreb. The cover is largely the same as the UK 24th Edition , except that the front cover has "with New Zealand supplement" in a panel at the bottom. The New Zealand Records section is 32 pages long pages to This pioneer collection of New Zealand superlatives is one which we shall strive to improve and expand with succeeding annual editions ". Notes Earlier Chinese editions such as one from Taiwan in are known, but this is believed to be the first official edition.

All pictures and illustrations are black-and-white only. These are not related to the Guinness editions, but are very interesting alternative publications. In the 1st edition, records are organised alphabetically; in the 2nd, they are grouped into 32 categories. Notes It is not clear whether this is an official Guinness edition, or if it is indeed the first Taiwanese edition. There are only a few black and white photographs in the book, with just eight pages in colour. This publication is the first Polish edition of Guinness Book of Records ".

Edition: Language.

Aura, das vergessene Menschliche : zu Sprache und Erfahrung bei Walter Benjamin

Publication Date. Blue with Orange Dust-jacket. Verlag Carl Ueberreuter, Wien-Heidelberg. Notes: The 2nd edition red dust-jacket on grey boards was published in Turquoise, with "skater" dust-jacket. Buchgemeinschaft Donauland, Wien.