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By Douglas Heaven.

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It makes you scratch just thinking about it. Sunburn and insect bites add up to a typical summer holiday cocktail of sensations, but how we distinguish between heat, pain and itching has remained a mystery. Now a protein has been found that seems to play a central role in itching.

The discovery could shed light on all three sensations, as well as providing new treatments for chronic skin conditions. In , Mark Hoon at the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research in Bethesda, Maryland, and colleagues killed selected nerve cells in the spines of mice, creating animals that lacked the ability to feel hot, painful or itchy sensations.

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As a result, these mice also lost a protein called neuropeptide natriuretic polypeptide B NPPB that is expressed by cells in the nerve pathways between the skin and spinal cord. NPPB is more commonly linked to the heart, says Hoon, which secretes it under stress to control sodium levels in the blood.

By placing the mice on hot glass and poking them with a blunt needle, they found that the mice responded to temperature and mild pain in the same way as mice who still had the protein. But the genetically engineered mice showed a dramatically reduced response when various compounds that cause itching, including histamine, were applied to their skin.

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But injecting it into the spine made both the genetically engineered and ordinary mice scratch themselves rapidly with their hind paws. The video yes, there's a video is full of people getting down in the cyphers!

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Scratching is the sound of the turntable, which DJ's make. How can't anyone see this?

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They thought there was something missing on the album, so they add this. Thus the album was complete and it cured their itch from something missing on the album. Its a very emotional song.

It's a joke. There is loads of vinyl-scratching that this is the 'cure for any itch' ie. It's just a mess-around session with Joe Hahn.

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