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I suppose I don't mind these changes, since most were hinted at in some way. What happened to the Brujah?

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Wow a lot has changed since the first game but there was no mention of the Malkavian clan. Sasha Vykos even joins in at one point. The characters have to travel all over the world to gather vital clues, and do other stuff to help. This includes, seeking Caine, killing the Tzimisce Anediluvian they have help from Tremere, I don't mean the clan. In the end, every Antediluvian rises and they all collectively decide to take over the world. They raise and army of their progeny and at one point, they start passing "judgement" to all the other vampires.

New Moon Rising

That is, more or less "If you don't join us - die". The characters, along with Saulot, are brought there for judgement as well, but Saulot manages to sacrifice himself to atone for the sins of Caine and all the Antediluvians die. The vampires are uncovered and Then nasty secrets are uncovered and a war begins. Then the Antediluvians rise and it's not pretty: Typhon Set doesn't actually manage to rise.

The Setites tried calling him but it doesn't work and they commit suicide. He is now an enormous organism that devours other into himself thanks to Vicissitude. Absimiliard [Nosferatu] has used his vitae, animalism and years and years of breeding animals until he has some seriously scary ghoul animals.

He actually has one BIG one, which can go around during the day and devour Kindred. While Absimiliard is in its stomach and diablerizes the poor vampire. Haqim is ironically somewhat softer than the others - he sends his progeny to try and talk other vampire into joining him. Failing that they still diablerize the unbelievers, though. A lot madder. Also, mortals may go down under his influence and they form a semi-feral "gangs" which roam the land kill and eat other mortals and howl at the moon. And every "uninfluenced" Malkavian, that comes close to an "influenced" one risks surrendering his will to Malkav.

Something kills Malkav, though.

It's not revealed what, but he is destroyed and his Kindred "victims" may be able to be brought back to their senses. The mortals are lost, though. For three weeks.

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It gets cold, to say the least. After three weeks, suddenly [Lasombra] dies by unknown means. The Shaper is an Antediluvian without a clan.

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She just never sired anyone but now emerges from hiding and comes across the characters. She doesn't reveal what she is at first but then, she manages to destroy Abismiliard. Ennoia [Gangre] has done a hardcore earth melding and now controls the Earth - earthquakes and so on are hers to control. She strikes several times against other ancients but once they no longer trouble her, she stops.

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New Moon Rising

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